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John Green lives near Rathdrum, Idaho, with his wife of 33 years, Elizabeth. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

John has 39 years of relevant, professional criminal justice experience covering virtually every area of the Law Enforcement – Criminal Justice field, including patrol, investigation, supervision, jail and jail supervision and Criminal – Civil Law Practice.  

Committed to professional ethics, education and family values, John will bring his philosophy for Law Enforcement Professional’s to the office of Sheriff:

“To him therefore who knoweth to do good, and doth it not, to him it is sin.” James 4:17 

John says, “No one is above the law and I will honor my oath of office by protecting life, liberty, and property of all citizens. I am seeking the office of Kootenai County Sheriff in order to put my education and experience to work to help make Kootenai County a safer place to live. Our county has incredible natural beauty that helps draw people here. We are blessed to live in a place that is very safe compared to the rest of the country. Unfortunately, our Sheriff’s Department suffers from bureaucratic bloat that does not efficiently address the safety and security needs of our citizens. As your Sheriff, I will be responsive to the needs of the citizens, I will reorganize the department to maximize the service provided by our deputies, and I will be ever mindful of our common goal of limited government and low taxes.”

Education and Professional
South Texas College of Law -1986 Doctor of Jurisprudence
University of Houston – 1982 Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice – Cum Laude
Basic Police Certification School (Police Academy) – 1977 – Texas A&M University/HGAC
Advanced Peace Officer Certification – Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards & Education (Permanent License)
Law Enforcement Instructor Certification – Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards & Education
Certified Jailer – Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards & Education

Admitted to practice in the following jurisdictions: – State Bar of Texas 1993, Washington State Bar 2003, United States District Courts for the Southern and Western Districts of Texas, United States Court of Appeals 5th and 9th Circuits, United States Tax Court and United States Court of Claims

John has completed more than 2000 hours of professional continuing education covering law enforcement and legal topics.


John currently serves as General Counsel and Chief Law Enforcement Advisor to the United States Bill of Rights Foundation

1993 to Present
John has been engaged in the private practice of law since 1993. Working primarily in the areas of constitutional law, taxation and monetary issues, business law, small company start-up and operation. He has extensive civil and criminal trial experience and currently concentrates on constitutional issues. John has been a long time trainer of and advisor to law enforcement officers and agencies in many areas of professional law enforcement – practice and procedure, law, defensive tactics, administrative policy and ethics. John is the only candidate for Sheriff that has business experience outside of law enforcement and his legal experience is an invaluable resource for a Sheriff.

1986 – 1993
John worked as a law enforcement educator and consultant, personally providing education and training in many areas of criminal justice practice and professionalism. He is a certified law enforcement instructor, licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. He has worked as an expert witness on behalf of law enforcement professionals and continues his consulting and training activities to this day.

John has extensive experience representing peace officers in matters personal and professional that gives him great insight regarding the difficult job faced by modern law enforcement officers. He is the only candidate that has personally performed and/or supervised virtually every aspect of law enforcement related to the office of the County Sheriff.

1977 – 1987
John graduated from the Police Academy in 1977 and began his career as a peace officer at the age of 19. He has extensive experience in virtually every aspect of criminal justice including Patrol, Detention, Criminal Investigation and Supervision. He earned his Advanced Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education and holds a Permanent Peace Officer License.

John is the only Sheriff’s candidate to have wrestled both an alligator and a boa constrictor during the course of his duties as a peace officer (Yes, it is true!).

Former Criminal Justice Instructor – University of Houston and San Jacinto College
Former President Harris County Deputy Sheriff’s Association – John was acknowledged for the “Most Productive Year in Association History” at end of his tenure by the association membership.
Former President Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Texas
Founder Texas Institute of Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics
Member – Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)
Past Member – American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
Advanced Black Belt Degrees in Judo, Shotokan Karate, and Jukido
Gold Medalist – 1982 International Police Olympics – Judo
Former Boy Scout and Naval Junior JROTC Cadet – (NJROTC)

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