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Do we need a new jail?

"The citizens of Kootenai County have made it quite clear that they do not want to spend tax money on a new jail. I agree. Jail over-crowding is a manageable issue that can be alleviated, in large part, by improving inmate classification procedures. Also, there are many people arrested and incarcerated for relatively minor offenses that are neither a flight nor public safety risk and who should not be taking up valuable jail space. I believe that with proper reorganization and implementing proper classification procedures we can eliminate our over-crowding problem.”

What about deputy turnover?

“Turnover of professional staff remains a chronic problem at the Sheriff’s Department. Some claim that turnover is exclusively the result of low pay. I would dispute that and have seen, first hand, that while the pay needs to be increased, a large part of the turnover can be attributed to poor morale and the perceived lack of professional standards in career paths within the department. I will implement professional standards and substantive, competitive exams for promotions. Deputies should be encouraged to pursue professional development training and education. I will make every effort to ensure that the best and brightest move into positions of increased responsibility on an equitable basis.”

“Current training levels, within the department, meet only minimum standards. The Deputies are professionals who need and want effective and efficient training to promote safety and sound law enforcement practices. Additional training always helps to elevate the standard of service the Sheriff’s Department can provide. There are funds and programs available that the department is not currently utilizing. As an experienced law enforcement trainer and educator, I will make continuing education a priority and strive to make it accessible to all personnel.”

How will you address saving tax money?

“Waste is a serious problem within the department. The ever-expanding bureaucratic footprint fosters inefficiency and waste. By way of example, there are currently new vehicles sitting parked that could be put into service immediately and old equipment could be sold to recoup some operational money for the department. With the advice and assistance of the whole department, we will identify all wasted, unused equipment and seek to implement its use or liquidate it appropriately to recoup some of the valuable taxpayer funds now sitting idle. This may require cooperation of the County Commissioners, but until we identify the waste present the arguments will continue.”

“The economy continues to deteriorate and there is no end in sight. The Sheriff’s Department needs to do its part to be a good steward of the citizens’ money. We will focus our efforts on using resources to put as many deputies into real law enforcement work. I will eliminate, through reorganization, those positions that are not providing any real value to the law enforcement mission of the department and re-task those resources as necessary.”

Will you be involved with the community?

“My plan includes community involvement, to an unprecedented degree, by initiating real community policing, citizen safety groups, and citizen advisory committees. Law enforcement is a collaborative effort and the Sheriff cannot do his duty without the full cooperation of the citizens. As Sheriff, I will be your public servant and I will put “service above self” back into the mind-set of the professional men and women we entrust to patrol our streets and keep our jails safe and secure.”

Why John Green for Sheriff?

“I believe that I am uniquely qualified to be your Sheriff. I have been pursuing professional development in the Criminal Justice field for over 39 years. I am the only candidate that has actual hands on experience in every function of a Sheriff’s Department and I’m trained in the law. I will put that training to use to help protect the citizens of Kootenai County. Please compare my resume, in detail, to the other candidates.”

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